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Pulling a sickie

Pulling a sickie

Do British workers pull more sickies than any other country in Europe?

Dan and Alice talk about false sick days. How can employers stop people from pretending that they are sick?

This week's question:

Which European country pulls the fewest sickies? Is it

a) Latvia

b) Austria

c) Denmark

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Pulling a sickie

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to pull a sickie

to pretend to be ill so you can take time off work

to skip work

not to go to work

to skive

to be lazy and avoid work or school


a person who skives


look at an issue or a problem once again

go for it!

do something in order to get something


a large cover which you sleep under in bed

duvet day

an extra day's holiday which your employer allows you to take