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A woman shouting into a loudhailer (Image: iStock)

Do British people complain enough?

Dan and Alice talk about complaining, and how British people may be getting better at it.

This week's question:

According to the Wall Street Journal, what was the cause of most airline complaints in the US in 2010? Was it:

a) Delayed or cancelled flights

b) Rude staff

c) Lost luggage

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!



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To make a fuss

To become angry or upset about something, often unnecessarily

To make a scene

To complain very loudly and lose your temper

To annoy

To make someone angry with you

To irritate

To provoke anger or displeasure

Formal complaint

Official, sometimes written, statement of dissatisfaction, made to a person or organisation

Riled up

Made angry or dissatisfied


Wild plant which stings you if you touch it

To grasp the nettle

To deal with an unpleasant problem or situation in a bold, decisive way