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Poverty and Education

Boys looking at a computer at school

Do children from poorer backgrounds perform less well at school?

Dan and Alice talk about a new report which examines how poverty can affect children and their education.

This week's question:

In which country are children from poorer backgrounds most likely to succeed in exams? Is it:

a) Finland

b) Canada

c) South Korea

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Poverty and Education

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the odds are stacked against you

it is very unlikely you will succeed because in your current situation many things will work against you


learners who are taught in a class

a level playing field

a situation allowing an equal chance for all participants to be successful at something


money earned from working

social and emotional

people living and interacting with each other (social); people responding outwardly to their feelings (emotional)


the process of our brains learning, knowing and thinking about information


making small, quick movements in a nervous way


moving about aimlessly, unable to relax or focus on tasks


not wanting to be separated from other people, often physically holding on to them or seeking their attention


here, richer or from a more privileged background


person who is at the same level (e.g. at school) or does the same job as someone else



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