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Booking holidays online

People on the beach in Bournemouth, UK

Do some online companies mislead holidaymakers?

Stephen and Alice talk about booking holidays online and the language used in advertising holidays on the internet.

This week's question:, the top online travel company in China, announced a huge increase in profits between January and March. But how much was the increase?

a) 13%

b) 23%

c) 33%

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Booking holidays online

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hidden costs

charges for a product or service that are not clearly advertised by the seller


selecting links on internet pages by pressing on your computer mouse

budgeted for

amount of money you had planned to spend

an emotional commitment

a personal connection to a plan or course of action, which you feel it is important to complete

to pull out

to decide not to do something, or withdraw from a commitment

a great boon

very helpful or beneficial

a round-trip

American English, meaning a return trip, or journey which takes you to a place and back to where you started


make you believe something that is not true



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