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Social network scams

Man using a computer at Rajabhat University in Bangkok, Thailand

How do criminals try to trick users of social networking sites?

Stephen and Alice talk about social networks. A recent Microsoft report says criminals have been trying to trick people into revealing their passwords for online communities such as Facebook and Twitter.

This week's question:

Who was the first celebrity to have more than 10 million people following his or her updates on Twitter?

a) Ashton Kutcher

b) Lady Gaga

c) Stephen Fry

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Social network scams

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social networks

groups of people who interact with each other and share photos or website links via internet sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)

status update

the latest news about someone's activities or what they are doing, as published on a social networking website


scheme or plan to deceive people


criminals or dishonest people who trick others with the aim of getting their money or private information

a lucrative hotbed

here, a good opportunity to earn lots of money from social media users



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