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Old people sitting on a bench overlooking the sea

The number of people reaching their 100th birthday in the UK is growing

Yvonne and Alice talk about centenarians - people who have reached their 100th birthday. But does everyone want to live to this grand old age?

This week's question:

The oldest female to complete a marathon was from the United States - but how old was she?

a) 92

b) 97

c) 101

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!



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the ripe old age of

an informal expression emphasising that someone has lived for more years than most people

a marathon

a race of about 26 miles or 45 kilometres which takes place on public roads


people who are 100 years of age or older

mental activity

things that people do to make or keep the mind healthy

physical activity

things that people do to make or keep the body healthy

great grandmother

the mother of someone's grandmother


extremely old, from a time in the distant past


lengthened, extra long, lasting longer than usual


people who you don't know or are familiar with


energetic, lively, active