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King Cyrus' Cylinder

The Cyrus Cylinder

The cylinder was on loan to the Iranian National Museum in Tehran

Yvonne and Alice talk about an artefact from ancient Persia , which is now Iran. The Cyrus Cylinder is engraved with what is possibly the world's earliest human rights charter.

This week's question:

Which country does the British Museum's oldest artefact come from?

a) Benin

b) Iraq

c) Tanzania

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


King Cyrus' Cylinder

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an artefact

a very old ornament, tool or object made by humans

human rights charter

legal document which says how people must be treated by governments and each other

a cylindrical shape

something with fairly flat, circular ends and longer straight sides


writing which is cut into the surface of something so that it is permanent


cruel, oppressive treatment of people by their leaders


sent back to their own countries


officially announced


display of a group of objects or art in a public place

pre-Islamic history

here, events which happened in Iran before the country became an Islamic state


interact, talk to each other, discuss



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