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British republicans

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Not everyone in the UK is looking forward to the royal wedding

As the UK prepares for the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Yvonne and Stephen talk about British republicans. Some people think that royals aren't always the best leaders.

This week's question:

Why were British royals put to death by beheading rather than hanging?

a) It was quicker, because gallows – a special wooden structure - weren't needed.

b) It was less brutal to the prisoner as they died more quickly.

c) More executioners preferred to use the axe.

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


British republicans

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a hereditary monarchy

a system where a royal family rule a country, with the children of each king or queen succeeding their mother or father as the next ruler

inconsistent with

not matching or similar to


something involving death or injury which is very unpleasant


place where people are hanged by the neck until they die, after being convicted of a crime

die-hard republicans

people who are very committed to their country being a republic, where all leaders are voted into power


given political power or responsibility after being voted for by people in an election


getting rid of, or abolishing

more accountable

more responsible for actions and decisions


the characteristics which someone or something is known for


a person's place in society, based on their wealth and the privileges available to them



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