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Watt's workshop

James Watt's workshop, as photographed in 1924

James Watt's workshop, as photographed in 1924

Alice and Stephen talk about the Scottish inventor James Watt, who was an important figure in the Industrial Revolution. His workshop has been reassembled as part of an exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

This week's question:

Can you put these four inventions in chronological order - that’s the oldest one first?

The hot air balloon, morse code, the vacuum cleaner and the typewriter.

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Watt's workshop

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person who makes items which have not been made before


room or area where things are built or designed


given recognition, or believed to be responsible for

chronological order

the order in which things happened


large, varied and magnificent collection

treasure trove

a collection of wonderful, valuable objects