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Satellite Navigation Systems

Woman driving a car with a sat nav system

Many drivers rely on satellite navigation systems in their cars

Alice and Stephen talk about satellite navigation systems or sat navs, the gadgets which people use to help with directions when they are driving.

This week's question:

When we talk about ‘satellite navigation’ in English, there is an abbreviation we use called GPS. What does it stand for? Is it:

a) greater place signal

b) global positioning signal, or

c) global positioning system

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Satellite Navigation Systems

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satellite navigation systems

computer systems that are installed in some vehicles which tell you the best way to get to a place


pieces of technology which are used for everyday tasks, e.g. mobile phones


shortening of a phrase, often to just one letter of each word, e.g. NHS - National Health Service; words can also be abbreviated to fewer letters, e.g. Dr - doctor


chaos, confusion

to reverse

to move backwards


help, assistance

common sense

natural ability to think clearly and make sensible decisions


something or someone which tells you which way to go during a journey

messed up

spoiled or damaged

interfere with

get involved with in a damaging or unhelpful way



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