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Football Rivalries

Arsenal fan at a match, holding up a scarf up and shouting

Arsenal are fierce rivals with their north London neighbours, Tottenham Hotspur

Alice and Stephen talk about football rivalries and hear how fans can be passionate, but sometimes get very angry when watching a football match.

This week's question:

Which city do these two teams come from? Al Ahly and Zamalek. Is it:

a) Cairo

b) Beirut or

c) Damascus

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Football Rivalries

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competition between people, often based on their political views or support for a sports team

spill over

here, influencing or causing something else to start, or become more serious


here, a football match between two football teams based in the same town, city or region

heated exchanges

passionate or angry discussions


uncontrolled, chaotic situation

ugly confrontation

argument or fight between people, possibly involving violent behaviour or insulting language

role models

people who are well-known to the public, and shown as positive examples of how to live your life

domestic violence

physical abuse in the home, usually where one family member attacks another

licensing laws

regulations or rules laws about where and when alcoholic drinks can be sold