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Love letters

Soldier in a World War I uniform, writing in a book

Soldiers often write to their sweethearts from the front line

Yvonne and Rob talk about love letters and a new exhibition in London all about soldiers and their sweethearts.

This week's question:

In which year was The Royal Mail – Britain's postal service – founded?

a) 1516

b) 1710 or

c) 1780

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Love letters

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someone who has a lot of positive and sometimes unrealistic ideas, particularly about love

the front line

place where soldiers are directly fighting their enemy in a war, and in danger of being killed

a sweetheart

term used to express fondness for someone else, sometimes in a romantic way


person who is quiet, nervous and uncomfortable with other people


two people who have promised to get married to each other


far away

very moving

something which makes you emotional

worst case scenarios

the most unpleasant or unsatisfactory situations you can imagine


movement of army troops to a place


something that is very ordinary and not interesting

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