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Shark's fin soup

Great white shark

Sharks' fins are much in demand

As people celebrate the Chinese New Year, Yvonne and Finn talk about a traditional Chinese dish which is controversial with some.

This week's question:

Which type of shark is the longest fish in the world?

Was it:

a) the great white shark

b) the whale shark or

c) the hammerhead shark

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Shark's fin soup

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lunar calendar

something that shows the days and months in a year, based on the moon's journey around the Earth each month

a clue

a piece of information which can help to find answers

animal rights activists

people who try to bring attention to the cruel treatment of animals and get laws introduced to help protect them

a ban

an official order or statement saying that something isn't allowed

thrown back

carelessly tossed or flung to where it came from

the campaign

the organised set of activities aimed at achieving an objective

the media coverage

all the information given about a particular situation or event in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, websites etc


refusing to buy goods or be involved in activities because you don't agree with them

a must

something which most people think is essential


highly thought of, respected and valued