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How musical are you?

Hands playing a piano

Can anyone become musical?

Yvonne and Rob talk about music, and people's musical ability.

This week's question:

Listen to the two pieces of music in the programme. Do you think they are:

a) exactly the same or

b) different

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


How musical are you?

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the pitch

here, the placing of a note, either high or low

the key

the notes used in a piece of music, which are based on a scale, or specific series of notes

too narrow

not wide enough to include all people who have different levels of musical skills


surrounded by a large amount of


causes or equips someone with musical skills

a sophisticated skill

an advanced or complicated ability

ring tones

the various sounds which mobile phones make when a call or message is received


unable to sing in tune or to recognise different melodies


to show something is untrue or unimportant


stories which are old and well known, but are not based on truth



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