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Dentist's Drill

Dentist's drill

The new device could alleviate fear for patients

Alice and Stephen talk about a very common phobia – a fear of the dentist – and a possible new treatment.

This week's question:

Which of these is NOT a real phobia (a persistent and sometimes irrational fear)?

a) agoraphobia,

b) arachnophobia,

c) televiphobia

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Dentist's Drill

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a fear that there is no clear reason for


something that happens repeatedly for a long time


something that we cannot understand because there doesn't
seem to be any real reason for it


people who are being given medical care

tense up

when the muscles tighten up because of fear or anxiety

it puts them off

it discourages or stops them from doing something


the first form of something that may be made in large
numbers in the future


a machine or piece of equipment that is used for a
particular purpose

a cancelling signal

here, a sound which covers up or prevents another sound
from being heard


here, an instrument used by dentists to cut into a tooth so
that it can be repaired


nervous or worried


unpleasant things that happen to your body as a result of an
illness or infection