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Tea Drinking in the UK

a woman with royal memorabilia including a cup of tea

Yvonne and Alice talk about how tea became a very popular drink in the UK and and we hear how many cups of tea British people drink every day.

This week's question:

Some people say Britain is a nation of tea drinkers. According to the UK Tea Council, how many cups of tea are drunk by the British everyday? Is it:

a) 12,000

b) 120,000

c) 120,000,000

Listen out for the answer in the programme.


Tea Drinking in the UK

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person with a physical and emotional need to consume something

traditional drink

a drink that has been linked with a group of people for a very long time




from the years when Queen Victoria ruled England (1837 - 1901)


something that is strongly linked with a group, e.g. people link drinking tea with the British


land where crops or plants are grown, e.g. a tea plantation is used to grow tea leaves

industrialised nation

country with a large number of factories that are making things


substance used to kill bacteria and prevent illness


to be sensible and not drink too much alcohol


ideas or statements that may be false or exaggerated and are used to promote a particular purpose



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