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The London Tube

A London Underground 'Tube' train arrives into a station

Yvonne and Alice discuss the experiences different people have when using The Tube, the London Underground train system, and hear about what some people thought after using it for the first time.

This week's question:

During the last financial year, how many kilometres did Tube trains travel? Was it about equal to:

a) 72 trips to the moon and back

b) 85 trips to the moon and back or

c) 90 trips to the moon and back

Listen out for the answer in the programme.


The London Tube

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get around

travel around

The Tube

the London Underground train system

a love-hate relationship

relationship (often not romantic) where feelings towards someone or something vary from love to hate


when things are later than expected or planned


cannot be depended on

get on with it

hurry up or do something you might find difficult

eye contact

to look at someone while they are looking at you

take for granted

don't understand the value of

visually impaired

not able to see properly


music used in or made for a film