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Men are the weaker sex

Man sneezing

Traditionally, women are generally known as 'the weaker sex' so people say they need to be protected. However, in terms of health, women are the strong, healthy ones - so, men are supposedly the weaker sex. Yvonne and Rob have been discussing this.

This week's question:

Compared with the early 1960s, each year, the number of men who enter medical schools in the UK has doubled. But how many women enter medical school each year?

a) About the same number

b) Triple the number

c) Ten-fold

Listen out for the answer in the programme.


Men are the weaker sex

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the weaker sex

not as strong as the other sex or gender


a heart condition

business as usual

to carry on as normal

didn't want to be a fuss

not wishing to disturb others

didn't want to be a burden

not wishing to cause someone else a lot of worry or hard work

lifestyle choices

things we choose to do in life, e.g. drinking, smoking, exercising or what a person eats

an attitude

the way you think and feel about something or someone


agree that something is true


not at your best; easily hurt, either physically or emotionally

more accessible

easier to reach or use



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