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Media Blackout

man sitting at computer in a library

Dan and Alice talk about an experiment at Bournemouth University in England to see how students react if they don't use any media for 24 hours. The people who volunteered were asked to unplug their media devices, such as laptops, phones and TVs for a full day.

This week's question:

How many active Facebook users are there in the world? Is it:

a) 300 million

b) 500 million

c) 800 million

Listen out for the answer in the programme.


Media Blackout

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media blackout

a ban on all media or making media unavailable


disconnected (from all media devices)

guinea pig

someone who takes part in a new experiment or test

mental well-being

a person's emotional health or how someone feels


eating too much food


lonely or detached from other people


lonely or detached from other people

long-term effects

changes that last for a long time

waking hours

the time when we're awake