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Dress codes: what can you wear?

Different clothes for different occasions!

Different events require different types of clothing

Yvonne and Alice talk about dress codes and what types of clothes are suitable for work. The Ukrainian government has recently published dress codes for men and women, suggesting that certain styles of dress are unacceptable for work. So what is acceptable?

This week's question:
Which African country banned men from wearing western-style suits and ties to show it had broken links with its colonial past?

a) Zaire (now known as The Democratic Republic of Congo)

b) Rwanda or

c) Uganda

Listen out for the answer in the programme


Dress Codes

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dinner jacket

a semi-formal evening jacket for men


a collection or group of clothes; especially a collection that belongs to one person


showy, attracts attention


excites, stimulates

subdued fashion

a conservative style of dress that does not stand out or attract attention; subdued fashion usually does not include bright colours



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