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Ageing population

A carer holding an older person's hand

The population is ageing rapidly

According to the United Nations, 11% of the world's current population is over 60 years old. In this programme Alice and Abdu talk about the increase in the number of older people and what this will mean for pensions in the future.

This week's question:
What percentage (%) of the world's population will be over 60 in 2050?

a) 8%

b) 22%

c) 15%

Listen out for the answer in the programme.


Ageing population

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money regularly paid to a person by a company or government after he or she is too old or too ill to continue working


age at which a person usually stops working. In the UK it is often when someone has reached an age between 60 and 65


old-aged pensioner, a person who has retired and collects his or her pension

senior citizen

American English phrase for old-aged pensioner

in retirement

time in life when an older person has stopped working

to live on

to have a comfortable quality of life


very frightened

generational injustice

where one generation (people born at about the same time as each other) has done something which leads to unfair treatment for another generation


study of the changes or trends in the number of births, deaths and diseases in a community