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New words in English

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Dictionaries have to be updated with new words

The Oxford Dictionary of English is a dictionary that tries to reflect words currently being used by English speakers. In this programme, Rob and Alice talk about new words which have recently entered the English language.

This week's question:
How many new words were added to the Oxford Dictionary of English this year?

a) 100

b) 2,000

c) 10,000

Listen out for the answer in the programme.

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New words in English

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Vocabulary from the programme


particular version of a book, magazine or newspaper

software tools

computer programs to help with a task

a question of

something that is important or central to an issue


areas on the internet where people can chat, usually by typing messages


words that are specific to a particular group of people or topic

social networking

activity on the internet that links you with other people

de-friend; un-friend

remove a person from your group of friends on a social network

micro blogging

typically smaller than a regular blog; involves sharing a short sentence, web link, or image with your online friends

dictionary attack

trying an enormous number of words in an effort to discover a password

toxic debt

assets such as mortages or financial products which were once valuable and are now difficult to value or possibly worthless

quantitative easing

when governments put new money into a country's national money supply to ease pressure on the economy


musical instrument with a buzzing sound like bees, famous for being played at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa this year



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