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Women-only train carriages

trains can be very busy

Trains can be very busy

Trains can become very busy when people are travelling to work or trying to get back home at the end of the day. Sometimes passengers bump into each other by accident. However, some women have been harassed on a train so some countries have introduced women-only carriages as Rob and Alice discuss.

This week's question:
Can you guess which of these countries have female-only carriages already?

a) Canada

b) Japan

c) Egypt

d) Germany

Listen out for the answer in the programme.

Listen to the programme

Women-only train carriages

End of Section

Vocabulary from the programme


something which is only for women


sections in a train with seats for passengers


people who travel to and from work

sexual harassment

unwelcome and unwanted touch, look or conversation that is sexual in nature

taking advantage

treating a person unfairly, particularly if the person is in a vulnerable situation

state-run rail operator

train company run by the government

easy to spot

stand out; easy to see from a distance

to raise awareness

to try and ensure people know about something, particularly if it is a sensitive issue


small space not really big enough to fit everyone who wants to be there

on purpose

deliberately; whatever happened was definitely not an accident


when something is spoken or said



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