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What would they write about you?

Pages of an open book

Pages of an open book

Japan's first lady has written a book about her husband in which she openly criticises him. Yvonne and Kate discuss a few of those criticisms and wonder whether they would be brave enough to read a book about themselves that someone else has written!

This week's question:

How many words are the longest title of a book?

a. 160 words

b. 220 words

c. 290 words

Listen out for the answer in the programme.


What would they write about you?

Vocabulary from the programme

spills the beans

tells or reveals all the secrets

the title

the name of a book, what it is known as

to criticise

to make known that we don't like or approve of something


the way or style in which something is done; here, the way a speech is given

fashion sense

a way of dressing which shows that someone is aware of the latest styles available, what suits them and what is most appropriate for each occasion


the way someone looks and presents themselves to other people

to spar

to fight or argue in a gentle, playful and unaggressive way

keeps him on his toes

helps to make him behave and speak in the best way possible


made available to the public, available to buy


abbreviation for 'public relations' - the work of creating and keeping a good relationship between an organisation and the general public

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