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Hen and stag parties

A hen party in full swing

A hen party complete with drinks, outfits and pretend veil

As the wedding season comes to an end in the UK, many newly weds will be thinking about the money they got and the money they have to pay back. But weddings can be expensive for guests too, for example, for the hen party or the stag party. Yvonne and Kate discuss what they are!

This week's question:

On average, how much money does a guest spend to go to a friend's wedding in the UK?

a. £120

b. £240

c. £380

Listen out for the answer in the programme.


Hen and stag parties

Vocabulary from the programme

the wedding season

the time during the year when most people get married

newly weds

people who recently got married

the average cost of

the approximate amount that most people pay

the bride

the woman who just got married

the groom

the man who just got married

a stag do

an evening or weekend event for the man who is getting married and his male friends

a hen do

an evening or weekend event for the woman who is getting married and her female friends

'L' plates

learner drivers have cards with the letter 'L' on in red that are placed on the car they drive before they pass their driving test

a barn

an outdoor building, usually on a farm, where crops and animals are kept

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