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Elizabethan banquet

Modern desserts

Modern desserts

In 1575, the love of Queen Elizabeth I's life put on a banquet of 300 desserts at his home in her honour. Recently, that banquet was recreated - but would all the desserts be suitable for modern tastes? Join Yvonne and Kate as they discuss some of the dishes on offer.

This week's question:

A jaffa cake is a cross between a small cake and a biscuit and they're covered in chocolate - so they make a great dessert. What is the world record for the number of jaffa cakes anyone has ever eaten in one minute?

a. 8

b. 11

c. 13

Listen out for the answer in the programme.


Elizabethan banquet

Vocabulary from the programme


dishes that are usually sweet and are served at the end of a meal

food architects

people who are masters of the history, design, planning and construction of beautiful items that we can eat or drink


things that we can eat or drink


attractive, inviting


things that are difficult to find, are unusual or come from far away places are sometimes described as 'exotic'

delicately flavoured

has a mild rather than a strong taste

intricate sugar sculptures

detailed, delicate pieces of art, such as carvings, but are made from sugar

a cocktail

a drink made from several ingredients that usually includes alcohol


stirred or mixed with very quick or brisk movements

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