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Collecting football stickers

A football at the back of a net

Kate and Rosie discuss collecting things and in particular the current craze for collecting World Cup football stickers. Is this strictly a pastime for young children or is it suitable for adults too?

This week's question:

In which year did the first Panini World Cup sticker book appear on the market?

a. 1970

b. 1980

c. 1990

Listen out for the answer in the programme!


Collecting football stickers



small pieces of paper with a picture or writing on one side and glue on the other, so it can be stuck to a surface

like gold dust

an expression used to describe something that is very difficult to get because a lot people want it

set you back

in this context it refers to how much something costs

a grand

one thousand pounds

a sense of enjoyment

a feeling of happiness



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