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Quarter-life crisis

An angry man

Is he angry or maybe suffering from a quarter-life crisis?

Callum and Kate learn about the expression "quarter-life crisis" and how it compares to the more well-known "mid-life crisis".

Are they the same thing or do the young have different crises to the middle-aged?

This week's question

According to a recent survey held in Britain when does middle-age begin?

a: 35 years old

b: 40 years old

c: 45 years old

Listen out for the answer in the programme


Quarter-life crisis

Vocabulary from the programme

a mid-life crisis

anxiety and depression that affects some people in their 40s or 50s as they become worried about getting old and losing their youth

to be status conscious

to want to have a high material standard of living by, for example, owning the latest gadgets and wearing fashionable clothes

student debt

the money that young people owe from the loans they took out to pay for their higher education

competitive job market

a situation where there are more qualified people looking for jobs than there are jobs available

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