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Tiny monsters of the Highlands

Eilean Donan castle

Eilean Donan castle, Scottish Highlands

Callum and Finn discuss the Scottish Highlands and the 'tiny monsters' that live in the area and like to dine on tourists.

This week's question:

Where would a Highlander in traditional dress wear his sporran?

a: on his head

b: around his waist

c: on his feet

Listen out for the answer in the programme.


Tiny monsters of the Highlands

Vocabulary from the programme

The Highlands

an area of outstanding natural beauty in the north west of Scotland


impressive beauty

The Highlands have a breathtaking grandeur

to be marred by

to be spoiled by

midges / midgies

small flying biting insects that live in large numbers in parts of the Scottish Highlands

insect repellent

creams and sprays that people use to protect themselves from being bitten by insects

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