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Learning to drive

Road sign

Callum and Kate discuss learning to drive and hear a report from Japan about how driving schools are having to change to survive in a climate of decreasing birth rates.

This week's question

Some people have a fear of travelling in cars. What is this phobia called?

a) autophobia

b) amaxophobia

c) carnophobia

Listen out for the answer in the programme.


Learning to drive


mirror, signal, manoeuvre

a sequence of actions that is taught to learner drivers - before you do something like turn, change lanes, drive off or stop, make sure you look in your mirror and use your indicator

to learn something (off) by heart

to learn something so that you can remember it immediately without any help

competition is cutthroat

there is very tough competition between companies who will do almost anything to survive and be successful

a low birth rate

a period when there are comparatively few children born in a country which causes problems for the future as there aren't enough people joining the workforce to replace those who have retired

to slump

to drop dramatically

Compared to 1989 the number of people who are going for driving licences has slumped.

to wind down

to relax after being very busy or doing something stressful

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