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Robin Hood

Three Robin Hoods

Three faces of Robin Hood: Patrick Troughton (BBC 1953), Martin Potter (BBC 1975), Russell Crowe (Universal 2010 - AP Photo/Universal Pictures, Kerry Brown)

Robin Hood is a popular English legend. There have been over 100 film and television versions of his adventures. The most recent film stars Russell Crowe and in this programme Callum and Kate look at how the actor responds to the traditional image of Robin Hood as a man in green tights.

This week's question:
When was the first film of the Robin Hood story released?

a) 1908
b) 1918
c) 1928

Listen out for the answer in the programme!

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Robin Hood

Vocabulary from the programme

an archer

someone who fires arrows with a bow

Robin Hood is famous for being an expert archer.

(a pair of) tights

usually an item of women's clothing, made of wool or nylon, which tightly covers the feet and legs up to the waist. In many films green tights are shown as the clothing of choice for Robin Hood.

a ladder

a tear in a pair of tights

an outlaw

an old-fashioned term for a criminal, particularly someone who moves around to prevent being caught

For many people Robin Hood is a hero but for the authorities he is seen as an outlaw, hiding in the forest.

a guy

informal word for a man


a mark of respect that people have for someone or themselves

I'm not going to wear tights! It's beneath my dignity.

to romp (around)

to move and act in an energetic and lively way

The children love playing in the park, they just romp around having a great time.

gorse bushes and brambles

types of plant that are common in British forests which have sharp parts that can scratch and cause small cuts


how close things are to each other

The proximity of gorse bushes and brambles makes it very difficult to fight a battle in the forest if you are wearing tights.

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