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Cycling for food


Callum and Rosie learn about a new hotel in Copenhagen which is offering free meals to guests who generate electricity for the hotel by cycling.

This week's question:

According to the Copenhagen government's statistics how many kilometres are cycled in total, every working day, by people living and working in Copenhagen?

a) 1.2 million km
b) 1.6 million km
c) 2.1 million km

Listen out for the answer in the programme!

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Cycling for food

Vocabulary from the programme


about, approximately

Guests will have to produce at least ten watt hours of electricity, roughly 15 minutes of cycling for someone of average fitness.

a publicity stunt

something that is done to get attention from the media and provide free advertsing

a gimmick

something that is not really useful but is intended to get attention and make people interested in something

Whenever some shiny new plaything arrives on the scene, it's worth asking one question: is it a gadget or a gimmick? (BBC blog about a watchphone)


the use of and using up of something

... the point is to encourage guests to think about their consumption of energy.

renewable energy

energy which is generated from unlimited natural sources such as the sun, waves and wind rather than limited resources such as fossil fuels

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