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John Lydon

The Sex Pistols' front man, John Lydon

This week Callum and Rosie talk about the language used to describe Malcolm McLaren, who died last week. McLaren was the man who launched the group the Sex Pistols onto the unsuspecting British public in the 1970s. He is regarded by many as the godfather of British punk music.

This week's question:

The real name of the lead singer of the Sex Pistols is John Lydon but what was his stage name?

a) Johnny Terrible
b) Johnny Rotten
c) Johnny Awful

Listen out for the answer in the programme!

Listen to the programme


Vocabulary from the programme


a quality or ability that some people have to make themelves very likeable

When he met my mother for the fist time he really turned on the charm and now she can't stop talking about how great he is!

a charmer

someone who uses their charm to influence people and perhaps persuade them to do things

a spiel

a negative word for a talk or presentation designed to sell something

a spieler

someone who is good at making salesman-like speeches


someone who is articulate has a good command of language, he or she can express themselves clearly and effectively

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