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Marathon running

running a marathon

Running the London Marathon

As Dan approaches his first marathon, he talks to Nuala about long-distance running and asks her for some tips on how to get through the 26 miles.

This week's question:

Which country hosted the first modern marathon in 1896?

a) Greece
b) Britain
c) France

Listen out for the answer in the programme!

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Running marathons

Vocabulary from the programme


a race of 26 miles or 42 kilometres


diet or food you eat and the benefits you get from it


food or drink that is beneficial for your body and your health

to hydrate

to add water to something


in need of water or ill from not having enough water


deep thought or calm relaxation. A lot of people practise meditation as part of their religion


a form of Buddhism that focuses on meditation


painful pockets of fluid on your skin


involving or affecting the muscles

bite-sized pieces

small pieces that are easy to manage or understand

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