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A retired couple

Looking ahead to retirement

With people living longer than ever, what effects can stopping work have on health, happiness and the economy? Join Dan and Kate as they talk about retirement and how it affects society.

This week's question:

What percentage of the UK's population is over retirement age?

a) 12.5%
b) 18.5%
c) 22.5%

Listen out for the answer in the programme!

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Vocabulary from the programme


the time of your life when you stop working completely


when you're forced to do something or you don't have a choice


a sum of money paid by the state or a private company during retirement

to kick your heels

to wait impatiently

to hang around

to spend time somewhere, usually without much purpose

to scrap something

to get rid of or cancel something


to make something bigger or increase it

job satisfaction

how happy or content you are with your job

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