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Laughter yoga

Girls laughing

Laughter is said to be good for you physically, mentally and spiritually. Join Kate and Rebecca as they hear from a BBC journalist who tried laughter yoga - a new activity from India which is currently gaining popularity across the world.

This week's question: In which city in India did laughter yoga originate? Was it:

a) Delhi

b) Darjeeling

c) Mumbai

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!

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Laughter yoga


a natural high

a state of feeling happy or full of energy through natural sources and not artificial stimulants


improve, increase or make stronger

immune system

the ability of the body to protect itself against infection


a substance which make your pain disappear

burning off calories

a calorie is a unit of energy which is used as a measurement for the amount of energy which food provides. To burn calories is often used to refer to an activity which helps you lose weight

convulsed in laughter

to be overcome by uncontrollable laughter


usually describes a disease or condition that is easily spread to another person