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Quieter London

Oxford Street in London

Oxford Street in London

Noise pollution can often be one of the main causes of stress suffered by city dwellers just about everywhere in the world, and here in London some experts have come up with a few ways of reducing that. Join Dima and Kate to find out what they are.

This week's question: What measures do you think the experts propose in order to bring more quiet to the area around The Monument in the City of London?

a) screening from the noise;
b) traffic calming;
c) greening the area up, or
d) all of the above?

Listen out for the answer in the programme!

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Quieter London

Vocabulary from the programme

pros and cons

advantages, as well as disadvantages of something; both the good and the not so good sides

noise pollution

a lot of unpleasantly loud, sometimes even disruptive sounds produced by too many people, too much traffic and so on

screening from the noise

building special shields, or screens, that will stop the unwanted sounds reaching you directly and so protect you from being affected by too much noise

traffic calming

taking steps to limit the number of cars in an area, as well as to prevent them from moving too fast

to green up

to plant more trees, flowers and other types of vegetation


plants in general


a warning device that produces a loud wailing sound

to bring in

here, to introduce, to put in service


becoming bigger in size or numbers