Last updated at 10:41 BST, Thursday, 15 October 2009

Spider Invasion

Experts have recently announced that there is to be a mass influx of spiders in British homes and gardens this autumn. Kate and Rebecca discuss their attitude to them and hear from a speaker at London Zoo who cures people of arachnophobia - fear of spiders.

This week's question: How many known spider species are

there in the world today? Is it:

a) 2000

b) 20,000

c) 40,000

Listen out for the answer in the programme!

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Spider Invasion



a fear or phobia of spiders


someone who is scared of spiders

mass influx

the arrival of something in large numbers


neither too hot nor too cold

going cold turkey

an expression to describe the action of stopping something suddenly and completely, for example smoking or drinking alcohol


a mental state like sleep in which a person's thought can be influenced by something else