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Bangladesh snake bites

A snake

Snake bites are a serious problem in Bangladesh. Join Dima and Kate as they discuss Bangladeshi government's plans to give new training to traditional healers and snake charmers.

This week's question: There is a particular season in Bangladesh when you are more likely to get bitten by a snake than at other times. Which season do you think it is? Is it

a) the hot, humid summer from March to June
b) the monsoon season from June to October, or
c) the mild winter from October to March?

Listen out for the answer in the programme!

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Bangladesh snake bites

Vocabulary from the programme


a very harmful substance that can cause illness or, in extreme cases, even death (adj. poisonous, venomous)

mystic healers

people who claim to be able to treat and cure a wound or an illness using special, possibly supernatural powers


a strip of cloth which is tied tightly round an injured limb, i.e. arm or leg, to stop it bleeding

to be frowned upon

if something is frowned upon by someone, they discourage its use and generally consider it undesirable


the season of heavy tropical rainfall in hot Asian countries



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