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A honey bee

A honey bee

Join Dima and Rebecca as they discuss beekeeping and find out what exactly is the main problem with bees in the UK.

This week's question: What do you reckon that main problem might be? Is it

a) that there are too many bees in the UK
b) that the number of bees is growing slower than expected, or
c) that the number of bees is in fact falling?

Listen out for the answer in the programme!

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Listen to Dima and Rebecca chatting after the programme

Fancy indulging in a little bit of eavesdropping? Click below to hear what Dima and Rebecca talked about once they've finished recording!

Vocabulary from the programme

to be on the decline

to get smaller, to shrink, to dwindle


an insect or small animal which is harmful to other species or which damages crops

the lack of habitat

when there is not enough land that provides natural conditions for a species to thrive, or sometimes even to survive

to pollinate

to carry pollen grains and fertilise plants

to fertilise

to make a plant grow or produce crops


a box-like container in which bees are kept so that their honey can be collected