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A woman sunbathing

A woman working on her tan

Join Kate and Rebecca as they discuss the changing fashions of tanning and hear from a lady who is a true sun worshipper.

This week's question: Which designer first made it fashionable to have tanned skin?

a) Yves Saint Laurent
b) Coco Channel
c) Gianni Versace

Listen out for the answer in the programme!

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Vocabulary from the programme


a machine which produces light similar to sunlight. You can lie down on it and it gives you a tan similar to one you would get if you sunbathed on a beach.

wide brimmed hats

hats which provide lots of shade


a type of sunshade which looks a bit like an umbrella designed to provide shade from the sun

in vogue



a type of long chair which you lie down on to sunbathe

sun worshipper

in this context, it refers to someone who likes sunbathing very much


to grease a piece of meat while it is cooking

fake tan

a type of body cream which essentially dyes your skin brown

celeb (celebrities)

famous people who appear in magazines and on TV