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Aussie town gets own money

Maleny in Queensland, Australia

Maleny in Queensland, Australia

Dima and Rebecca are focusing on words and phrases people use when talking about business and money as they hear about one small town's rather unusual attempt to protect itself from the global financial crisis. Maleny in Queensland, Australia, is about to introduce its own currency!

This week's question:
Like any proper currency, the Baroon Dollar will have a number of security features. What are they for?

a) to make the new banknotes look prettier
b) to make the Baroon Dollar a freely convertible international currency, or
c) to stop counterfeiting?

Listen out for the answer in the programme!

Listen to the programme

Aussie town gets own money

Vocabulary from the programme


the money used in a particular country at a particular time

an economic stimulus package

a number of measures to help revive the economy

to counterfeit

to make forged, illegal banknotes that look like real ones

to build into

to design and make something in such a way that a certain feature is included

to address

to deal with, to act in response to something bad or urgent

to give an extra boost

to provide more support, to stimulate new activity


land just beyond the coastal areas



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