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Gold vending machine

vending machine

This slot machine only sells bus tickets, no gold

Dima and Kate discuss a report from Germany where one company plans to install hundreds of gold dispensers at stations, airports and shopping malls. But why?

This week's question:
When talking about how much the machine will charge for a ten gram bar of gold, which currency does our reporter mention?

a) euro (€)
b) dollar ($)
c) pound (£)

Listen out for the answer in the programme!

Listen to the programme

Gold vending machine

Vocabulary from the programme

vending machines

machines from which small items such as packaged food or drinks can be bought by inserting money. Because cash is inserted through a slot, they are also known colloquially as slot machines. Another synonym is dispensers

on the go goodies

small things that we buy and consume without stopping - like chocolate bars, crisps and other snacks, for example


very expensive and valuable

stocks and shares

part of the ownership of a company which people can buy as an investment

to keep a close eye on

to watch very closely

very different / unlike any other

stronger, more emphatic ways of saying 'different', 'not the same'



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