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Lonely bug

A gold mine in South Africa

A gold mine in South Africa

Scientists have discovered a small bug which lives entirely on its own, without oxygen, in complete darkness. They say it is the loneliest creature on the planet!

Join Dima and Rebecca as they are listening to and discussing an interview with one of those scientists.

This week's question:

The lonely bug lives without oxygen, so how do you think it gets its energy? Is it from:

Listen to the programme

Lonely bug

a) gold
b) sulphate, or
c) iron?

Listen out for the answer in the programme.

Vocabulary from the programme

to speculate on something
to suggest, or to guess that something is possible
a full and detailed plan of something
this word describes living organisms and the environments where they live
a complete set of genes, or full genetic information
coming from outer space, from planets other than Earth
to evolve
to develop slowly
it may well be
this common expression means 'it's quite possible'