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Dancing into old age

John Lowe on stage (image: Lantern Dance Theatre Company copyright: Arvon Wellen)

John Lowe on stage (image: Lantern Dance Theatre Company, © Arvon Wellen)

We meet a ballet dancing grandfather of 11 who has had his stage debut at a surprisingly respectable age!

This week's question:

How old do you think he was at the time?

Listen to the programme

Dancing into old age

a) nearly 70
b) almost 80
c) close to 90

Listen out for the correct answer in the programme!

Vocabulary from the programme

to grow old gracefully
a commonly used expression meaning to become more tolerant, accepting and patient about your age
the ballet bug really took hold of him
he became very passionate about learning and practising ballet dancing
tap dancing / tap
a type of dance in which you mark the rhythm by the noise of your dancing shoes on the floor
ever since
a very common way of saying that something that is continuing even now was started by a certain event, or situation in the past
to let yourself go
to allow yourself to become less attractive or healthy

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