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House swap

Join Kate and Jackie as they discuss the benefits of house swapping. This is an increasingly popular way to have a low-cost holiday where instead of paying for an expensive hotel, you simply exchange your house with someone else in another part of the world.

Free accommodation for you and someone to water your plants while you're away!

This week's question:

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Home swapping

According to a recent survey which is the most popular destination for UK home swaps?
a) Australia
b) UK
c) USA

Listen out for the correct answer at the end of the programme!

Vocabulary from the programme


something that is known and accepted by most people


a luxurious apartment at the top of a tall building


a small self-contained house which is usually in the countryside


a house in a town or city - usually a comfortable, expensive one in a fashionable area


a specially equiped boat which people use as their home

holiday home or second home

is where people do not live full time but visit at the weekends and on holidays

to live out of a suitcase

when you have to keep all your things packed and you can't take them and put them in a cupboard

feeling smug

to feel pleased or satisfied with yourself

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