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Office workers during evening rush hour

Time to go home....

The term 'workaholism' was coined in the 1960s to describe the condition of working too much and finding it difficult to stop... in other words - addiction to work.

Join Jackie and Kate as they hear from an ex-workaholic and find out how his health was affected by spending too many hours in the office.

This week's questions:

In the UK, how many hours are in the standard working week? Is it:

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Find out what the correct answer is at the end of the programme!

Vocabulary from the programme

a condition where someone works all the time and finds it difficult to stop
work-life balance

the right combination of working and having a fulfilling personal life, spending time with friends and family etc.

a secondary issue
something that comes second in importance to something else
the 'norm'
standard or recognised behaviour
burn out
to experience of long-term physical and emotional exhaustion, usually work-related
the level of output that can be achieved within a certain time

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