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Spring cleaning

There's an expression in English, 'a woman's work is never done' and when it comes to cleaning our houses, women still do the majority of it despite many having full-time jobs as well. However, over the last few decades women's approach to housework has changed considerably.

Join Kate and Jackie as they discuss the changing role of women in the home and hear from women both past and present, who have some very different ideas.

This week's question:

How many hours per week do you think the average woman spends doing housework?

Listen to the programme

Spring cleaning

a) 3 hours
b) 15 hours
c) 20 hours

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!

Vocabuarly from the programme

spring cleaning

deep cleaning your house from top to bottom - usually happens only once a year


when someone is very interested or worried about something


things and junk which are lying around your house, like old newspapers, shoes, books etc.

a clean freak
someone who spends all their time cleaning and tidying
clear out

the act of throwing or giving away lots of clutter in your house

lift your spirits
when something makes you feel happier

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