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St George's Day

The St George's flag

The St George's Cross is the national flag of England

The 23rd April is St George's Day and all over England people are proudly celebrating their patron saint and their country. Britain's population is extremely diverse and is made up of many different cultures and nationalities, so what makes someone feel British? Join Kate and Jackie as they discuss national identity and the different ways of defining it.

This week's question:
According to legend, which mythical creature did St George kill or 'slay'?

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St George's Day

a) a unicorn
b) a dragon
c) a griffin

Listen out for the anwer at the end of the programme!

Vocabulary from the programme

patron saints
saints who are believed to give special help to a particular place, activity, person or type of object
diverse society
a place where people from many different cultures and nationalities live
multiple identities
people from lots of different backgrounds
mass immigration
the movement of many people coming into a country to live and work
labour mobility
refers to people who move around a lot to work
a word we use to describe people, animals or plants which are made up of a mixture of two different things
melting pot
an expression we sometimes use to describe a society with people from lots of different backgrounds who all live together

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