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Keeping in touch

Posting a letter

You've got mail!

Nowadays, most of us stay in touch with friends and relatives by writing emails, telephoning or sending texts. However, until recently we had no choice but to write letters if we wanted to share our news and pass on information.

Join Kate and Jackie as they discuss the different methods of communication both modern and traditional.

This week's question:

Listen to the programme

Keeping in touch

When we talk about the postal service in the UK, we sometimes call it:
a) slug mail
b) worm mail
c) snail mail

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme.

Vocabulary from the programme

put pen to paper
the action of deliberately writing something
come through
a phrasal verb we use when referring to a letter or parcel
which is posted to us
taking the time
to spend the time to do something for another person (usually a good thing)
for one person only
nice or pleasant to touch
something we have been doing for a long time
link up
phrasal verb meaning to connect with

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